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Home Security; Kids and Security

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As our children grow they get to have more and more responsibility added to their plate to prepare them for not only becoming a teen/young adult but also in providing them with opportunities to develop confidence in themselves.  Engaging our kids in more and more of the household daily gigs, gives them the ability to know how to handle different situations in not only home life but in personal life and security as they become more independent.

Every home has different levels of 'normal' and we know that transition from child to young adult is differnt for each family.  As our children mature, their world is filled less and less with fairies and turtles that can do awesome ninja moves to zombies, boys/girls, getting home on public transport, riding their bikes to and from school or getting a lift with other families.   Whatever the situation the time will come when the talk and solution for home security in regards to keeping keys safe, not allowing strangers into the home and the responsibility of having friends over without parents being home.  Key and home security is an important conversation and strategy that each family will eventually develop into the smooth running of your household.

As kids have a tendency to overshare in their younger years, which was once an endeering part of being a kid has to take a different perspective as they get grow.  This is especially relevant in the context of taking care of the house keys.  The beauty of evolutions in industry is that today in the market of Locksmiths and home security there are some super basic solutions up to the digital evolution of home security.

Here are some of our suggestions on key security for your kids and family.

Some solutions in key security;

kidde key safe 5key

A well placed key hider/safe which is coded with a 2-4 digital combination that can be kept near the front door and allow your child to have the freedom to let themselves.  We have written a blog about Key Safes if you wish to investigate this option further.

Digital Door Lock;


The Kevo Digital lock is installed to easily replace the standard door key, Kevo, Lockwood and other digital security companies are developing digital door locks to piggy back on the growing trend of home automation.


Lockwood Wireless Deadbolt; be aware that the locks that you buy at Bunnings and hardware stores are no where near the quality that we buy for Locksmiths. This lock can be integrated with Z-wave a very popular system in Australia for home automation.  The key to digital locks for security for your children, is that every person in your household gets their own code and when that code is entered you will get a text to your phone to notify you that your little version of you has made it home.   That is a peace of mind that is worth every bit of your time to look at for an option for home security.

If you are either looking to upgrade your home security, make a system of entry for your kids that will allow you peace of mind please talk to Nathan or the boys at TL and we will give you our advice based on your situation that empower you to make the right decision for home security. We are locksmith nerds and love what we do.

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