Guardall Safes

Guardall Safes we recommend;  Choosing a safe for your home or office can be an effective way to safeguard your possessions. There are many products available but the most suitable choice depends on exactly what a person will need to safeguard, the threat as well as degree of safety you may need. When robbery may […]

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Platinum safes

Platinum safes Platinum safes are an Australian company that feature a wide range of both domestic and commercial grade safes. Each safe model has its own specifications including varied levels of security, levels of fire security, and cash ratings. Platinum safes can have either key locks, spin dial combination locks, or the Australian made pin […]

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Chubb Safes

Chubb Safes we stock; Cobra Office Safe size 2 The Cobra Office range, of Chubb safes, are quality cash safes offer both burglary and fire protection. The Cobra is ideal for stores, restaurants, small business and homes. It protects cash, documents, vital records and other valuable items.he Chubbsafes Cobra office safe range is designed primarily to provide protection […]

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Diplomat Safes

Diplomat Safes we stock KC64 Secure Key Cabinets Features & Benefits • Safe and secure storage of media devices • Adjustable shelf/shelves • Large storage capacity • Control access to business data and personal information • Store laptops and external hard drives. Body Steel lining enclosing a barrier of styronite fire resistant material. Model: KC64 […]

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Burg Wachter Safes

Burg Wachter safes are sold through Toowoomba Locksmiths store located at 6 Neil St., Toowoomba City. the two models we really love are the following; CL 10 – CL 40 Safety cabinets Combi-Line “Version S” SECURITY LEVEL S 2 / FIRE RESISTANCE GRADE LFS 30 P the new BURG-WÄCHTER safety cabinets with a certification which […]

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