How To Choose The Right Home Safe to Buy.

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Each home and reason to buy a home safe and where to put it, how to secure and then of course how to choose the right safe to buy once you have figured all this out.  When it comes to choosing the right safe, first you need to understand the current and future value of the goods that you are putting in the safe.  This will determine the ‘cash rating’; what the safe is insured to protect, of the safe.  Then you will consider other factors like, whether your home is brick or timber, this influences whether you will need a fire rating safe for your home.  Please note here; there is only fire resistant, not fire proof safes, most safes are between 30mins to 1 hour at extreme heat, any safe under extended times will not survive.

Coming back to how to choose the right home safe to buy, another consideration is the size you can purchase based on the place and space within your home that you wish to put the safe.  Then comes the final consideration, will you install and secure the safe; under a certain weight; 150kgs, the safe must be secured to the floor or wall, if the safe is physically stolen then it will not be considered an adequate enough deterrant by some insurance policies (loophole).  A phone call to your insurer will put to bed any of these doubts, although these policies are prone to change over time, it is good to aim for the highest security measures from your particular insurer.  We sell floor safes, jeweller grade and collectables safes, grinder proof safes, large, medium and small safes.  We can advise you on the best safe for any situation whether it be for your home or business, we also offer installation tips if you wish to install it yourself or we can install it for you to give you extra peace of mind.

Once you are armed with this knowledge, then we at Toowoomba Locksmiths can recommend the right safe for your home.

If you have valuables and collectables to secure then we recommend the BFG range from Guardall safes as they have just released drawer inserts that are such a great extension of this already superior safe.  Most of the range has a cash rating of $25, 000.  Or for a budget range of safes we have the Chubb safe range which has something for every price rang.

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