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Step N Pull Contactless door openers are the best way to reduce the spread and transmission of germs and diseases. With the Covid19 pandemic, these are the best way to ensure that you are safe from many of the germs that can be spread on door handles especially on bathroom and toilet doors.

Step N Pull – In action

The Step N Pull is a contactless door opener that is secured to the bottom of a door and can be easily opened with your foot allowing you to keep germ free. Schools, shopping centres, and businesses are often high traffic areas, with a lot of surfaces being touched by customers, staff, and students. One of these high traffic areas is the bathroom and toilet door handles on swinging doors, the Step N Pull can limit the contact made to these areas and reduce the spread of germs.

To combat the spread of the germs, Toowoomba Locksmiths have recently started to supply a contactless door opener – The Step N Pull.

A lot of people will use some paper towel to pull the door open, a contactless door opener doesn’t just stop the spread of germs, but can also limit you carbon footprint but limiting the amount of paper towels used to open doors.

Locksmith in Toowoomba

The Step N Pull, is also easy to install and any handyman or maintenance person can install. However, the team at Toowoomba Locksmiths can also assist with the install. Secured to the bottom of non-latching timber or metal doors they are a great alternative to create a safer space. 

Step N Pull

It is also very easy to use! As you approach the door, position your body as though you were going to use the door handle, press down just enough to gain traction, and pull your foot and leg back as though you were taking a step. Simply step and pull!

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