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At Toowoomba Locksmiths, we are specialists in our field; we consider your safety and security and take our involvement very seriously. It’s our job to survey, analyse, recommend and implement appropriate products and procedures to protect people, property and possessions.

CCTV in Toowoomba

You cannot have your eyes looking over your home 24/7, this is where home CCTV cameras come in. Security cameras are designed to be looking at all angles of your property all day and all night to protect you and your home from vandals and intruders.

Security Cameras for House

CCTV cameras on a home have proven that burglars/intruders are likely less to target a house with cameras. If a burglar noticed surveillance cameras 50% of offenders said they would not continue the robbery and run.

Authorities consider video footage recorded by security cameras to be valid evidence of crime. Security cameras can therefore help your case in the courtroom.

CCTV for Business

Security cameras systems are also worth installing for a business. Small businesses need to have surveillance systems to protect their inventory, technology, and employees. Small business security systems usually include several cameras, which makes them more complicated than typical home security systems.

Every business has customers walking through the door, browsing at your products and basically have free reign of the store. Sometimes they can get out of the view of the employees and steal items as they know you can’t see them. A security camera system allows people to capture the people who come into your store with bad intentions. The footage can sometimes allow you to identify the thief’s and get your products back.

When deciding on security cameras, there is always the debate between hard-wired or wireless.
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  • Day and night cameras
  • Indoor or outdoor cameras
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