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Guardall Safes Toowoomba

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Guardall safes are built with premium security and ease of use in mind.  The BFG range and the KCR range are the two most secure home safe models in the range; KCR having the highest cash rating of up to $35,000, more with a supported system.

The key thing to consider when buying a safe is to understand what the value of the things you wish to secure are now and for the next 10 years as a safe is a long term solution buy.  So it has to have a 'cash rating' ='s the value of your products.  The well publicised story of the war veteran who put most of his earnings into Gold and then went and bought a $400 Bunnings safe with the cash rating of $4000 for nearly $200,000 worth of Gold Bullion.  Which the thieves picked up and took with them and opened it obviously in some remote location at their leisure with no possible way of being tracked.  Heartbreaking but true.

So if you have cash, diamonds, watches, documents like; your will, ownership of your home, or items of sentimental value that you store in your safe, take a moment to consider how can I add time to the factor of criminals trying to take my valuables?

a. location of your safe, put it somewhere that won't be the first thing to mind; main bedroom wardrobes and under the stairs or in the garage are the top 3 locations where safes are stored and criminals are more than aware of that.  There are stats, infographics and images all over the web that identifies these facts and even opportunistic criminals will research online to find out these facts.  A fixed to the ground or wall safe reduces leverage so thieves can not pry the safe open as easily, great placement is your number one time factor.

b. the quality of your safe is the next biggest factor in the time factor of security; a safe that offers only one form of access; digital or combination lock will make it easy to crack, one with a backup autolock of with bars like the ones above offers excellent reinforcement as it would need a lot of leverage to get into one.  The next factor is making it angle grinder proof; yep, a great home reno tool is a regular feature in a semi-professional thief.  Noise is not a factor if the value in the safe is high enough and if they have a way of entering and exiting the property without detection = high fences, no dogs, no street lights, your away and you posted it on social media!!  Oceans 11 is not an over exaggeration when they used special explosives to access a safe.  Albeit it isn't as common in Australian suburbs in general but again if there is a big enough reward for their risk they will take it.

c. a supported system also known as a CCTV/Alarm system.  Either of these will act as a deterrent and also reduce the time spent on site for those who choose to break in anyway.

Security is a long game and if you are always vigilant then you reduce your risk of a break in and increase your insurance pay out if you are broken into.  Nothing is an absolute guarantee to prevent break ins, but you can make it is painful and as difficult as possible so that they will go away empty handed and, if they are identifiable, get caught and charged.

d. use your safe properly; don't leave your valuables out overnight, get into the habit of putting the items you wish to keep secure.  The ease of use that Guardall safes offers allows you the best of both worlds; security but easy access because you still want to use on a regular basis.

Home security measures are one the most increasing factors to convictions in Australia.  More and more Queensland and National Police rely on residential security measures to help them convict more criminals and have less unsolved cases than in any other time in our social history.  Every little measure counts.

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kcr range

This is why we think that the Guardall safes Toowoomba Locksmiths offers are the best in Home safes on offer inhouse.

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