Mobile Locksmith Toowoomba

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Are you busy and can't make it into a locksmith or do you have a number of jobs that need doing at home as well some key cutting or replacements.  We can do it all when come out to your home or business to cater for all your security needs.  We have 3 mobile locksmiths in the mobile locksmith Toowoomba division of our business and our everyday number is also our 24hour number so in any emergency situation ring our land number and one of our technicians will be there to help you out, anytime.

Whether it is emergency or everyday we can help you;

Broken into during the day; rest assured we can get there to change your locks fast, so your security is improved.

Lost your keys; we can cut new keys out on site or we have an accessible store front in Neil St.

Locked yourself outside; we can get you back inside without damagining your existing locks, fast.

Moved house?; need to replace your locks, we can do that the same day.

Our mobile locksmiths are professional, uniformed and skilled in all locksmith service requirements, we always do our best service first time, because we know how important feeling secure is.

Just Been Robbed? What To Do Next.

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What to do when you have just been robbed, here is what we advise our customers to do next.

Call the police and don’t move anything

Get out of the house just in case they are still inside, wait in the car and lock the doors if you are there on your own woman/man.

Police will check for signs of forced entry, finger prints etc...

Find out if any keys have been stolen e.g house keys, car keys, work keys etc…

Call a locksmith and organise them to change the locks as soon as it is possible but this does have to be done after the police have been, you can organise this while the police are at your house or even call the locksmith and let them know you are waiting for police to attend and will need someone straight after (also let the Locksmith know if any other keys have been stolen)

Ask your locksmith for security tips while he is on site (things such as a sticker in your window stating your house is protected by Toowoomba Locksmiths, the best type of lock to suit your door, CCTV cameras etc…)  Remember increased security measures lowers your chance of experiencing a break in, it does not guarantee it. Although increased security can give you peace of mind with; correctly positioned security cameras, engraved or documented evidence on and of your valuables = an increased chance of the crims being caught and convicted.  Security is a long game, but one that is winnable.

For insurance purposes; do a quick assessment of what is missing, keep the list somewhere you can easily access and add to it as you notice more in the coming days.

Remember all assets can be replaced, people can not.

Cutting Keys From Cylinder Numbers

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Cutting your keys from cylinder numbers are usually on the lock that is in your door, car etc., many lock manufacturers record the cutting depths and details to enable companies like us to reproduce keys without the need to replace locks.  In most cases the key number will be stamped on the front of the lock next to where the key enters, in some cases the number may also be stamped on the original key as well.

The next step we take is to make sure that each key has smooth edges after key cutting, the reasons are as follows;

1. Most commonly finishing the new copy to ensure when the key is used in the lock it does not leave any scores or imperfections on the leavers/detainers inside the lock, 2. If the levers or detainers were to get scored this could result in more than one lever/detainer lifting inside the lock in operation causing a potential lock out situation. 3.  The same applies to deburing cylinder type keys or any type of pin tumbler or wafer style lock as swarf (tiny fragments of metal) can get into the lock and cause issues with tolerances or reliability of that lock.

These are actions and practices a licensed locksmith would take as they have a great understanding of what goes on inside the lock once the key is entered.  That is why you should always have your keys cut at a professional locksmiths and not the hardware store as the extra measures we take to ensure you keys will not damage your lock will save you in the long term.

 While your with us, take just an extra 5 minutes to chat to us, we are full of handy tips that may increase your security measures where you need it.  Call Toowoomba Locksmiths today for any key cutting solutions or extra lock security you may require.


cylinder number for keys key cylinder

The graph below gives you an idea of just how different keys can be.key number

Security Doors Toowoomba

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Security door screens are usually installed to offer that extra bit of security when you are home on your own or when someone comes to the front door.  But this doesn't deter break ins especially as opportunistic thieves rely on our complacency of leaving our keys in the door once we get home on the inside after we have locked the door.

There has been a spike of late in Brisbane and out lying areas creeping up to Toowoomba of people cutting through the screen doors to gain access, especially when the keys are left in the door.  Security doors can be fitted with a device that offers extra depth and protection around the key area.  When we attend break and enters that have either gained accessed via doors or windows, we offer upgrade advice for their situation.  One of the key deterrents for security screen breakins is by installing one of the security screen protector ‘ad a guard’ (see final image) which is a plastic sheeting, this extends the security if someone tries to cut the screen to reach in and open the handle, this is a common trick that is used.  This extra protection acts as a deterrent to this kind of crime.

A high number of victims (60 per cent) in the ABS research cited a door or window had been damaged or tampered with in attempted break-ins, so it pays to invest in strengthening these defences. A solid core door with a deadlock, for example, is harder to force, grilles and shutters prevent burglars from breaking in through windows, and a peep hole or lockable security screen can help keep burglars out.  Alliance; Tips to Secure a Home

security door broken security-screen-doors securitydoor3 securitydoor4 securitydoorguard2

Mistakes That Compromise Your Home Security

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The fact is that criminals are getting more creative in identifying houses that have weak links in their home security not only by what they can see by driving by your home, but also by what you do online, what you talk about out and about and key signs that someone is about to go on holidays or works away from home, and your every day patterns.

Alarm systems, sensor lights, good security screens and not leaving your spare keys in obvious places are all simple steps to upgrading your home security.  This all has to be taken into consideration in relation to your neighbourhood, whether you live in a cul de sac or a busy street.

What are the easiest steps you can take to improve your home security?

Sensor lights; solar powered is ideal or hard wired by an electrician.

Security screens without the keys left in them and a security guard on your screen door so the fly screen can not be cut for easy access.  Also look at improving the security on the ground floor windows of your home if they do not already have bars on them.  Although at a recent security event we were told how some crims cut the bars off to gain access to the home, so it is a networked security solution that is definitely required.

An external/internal alarm/cctv system that allows you to turn on the sensors in the part of the home you are not in, controlled through your smart device; tablet or phone.

Digital Door locks; with custom codes for trades people, visiting extended family members, the kids, with an app notification to your phone which also allows the ability to revoke access anytime.

If you have spare keys for visitors or tradies, consider a Key Safe - link to blog post here.

ALWAYS LOCK YOUR GARAGE; no matter what, lock it.  Opportunity = risk.


For security solutions when you are travelling please consider these suggestions;

holiday security measures you can do

holiday security tips

The biggest things to remember is, don't leave things on the front deck or with the windows open (curtains/blinds open) so that opportunists can't easily identify if your home is a worthwhile risk.

If you have some concerns with your home security, we would love to nut out some solutions that are custom to your lifestyle and location.

Call Nathan and the team at Toowoomba Locksmith, we have an inside view of what is going on in Toowoomba, night and day in regards to security.

Home Security; Kids and Security

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As our children grow they get to have more and more responsibility added to their plate to prepare them for not only becoming a teen/young adult but also in providing them with opportunities to develop confidence in themselves.  Engaging our kids in more and more of the household daily gigs, gives them the ability to know how to handle different situations in not only home life but in personal life and security as they become more independent.

Every home has different levels of 'normal' and we know that transition from child to young adult is differnt for each family.  As our children mature, their world is filled less and less with fairies and turtles that can do awesome ninja moves to zombies, boys/girls, getting home on public transport, riding their bikes to and from school or getting a lift with other families.   Whatever the situation the time will come when the talk and solution for home security in regards to keeping keys safe, not allowing strangers into the home and the responsibility of having friends over without parents being home.  Key and home security is an important conversation and strategy that each family will eventually develop into the smooth running of your household.

As kids have a tendency to overshare in their younger years, which was once an endeering part of being a kid has to take a different perspective as they get grow.  This is especially relevant in the context of taking care of the house keys.  The beauty of evolutions in industry is that today in the market of Locksmiths and home security there are some super basic solutions up to the digital evolution of home security.

Here are some of our suggestions on key security for your kids and family.

Some solutions in key security;

kidde key safe 5key

A well placed key hider/safe which is coded with a 2-4 digital combination that can be kept near the front door and allow your child to have the freedom to let themselves.  We have written a blog about Key Safes if you wish to investigate this option further.

Digital Door Lock;


The Kevo Digital lock is installed to easily replace the standard door key, Kevo, Lockwood and other digital security companies are developing digital door locks to piggy back on the growing trend of home automation.


Lockwood Wireless Deadbolt; be aware that the locks that you buy at Bunnings and hardware stores are no where near the quality that we buy for Locksmiths. This lock can be integrated with Z-wave a very popular system in Australia for home automation.  The key to digital locks for security for your children, is that every person in your household gets their own code and when that code is entered you will get a text to your phone to notify you that your little version of you has made it home.   That is a peace of mind that is worth every bit of your time to look at for an option for home security.

If you are either looking to upgrade your home security, make a system of entry for your kids that will allow you peace of mind please talk to Nathan or the boys at TL and we will give you our advice based on your situation that empower you to make the right decision for home security. We are locksmith nerds and love what we do.

How To Choose The Right Home Safe to Buy.

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Each home and reason to buy a home safe and where to put it, how to secure and then of course how to choose the right safe to buy once you have figured all this out.  When it comes to choosing the right safe, first you need to understand the current and future value of the goods that you are putting in the safe.  This will determine the 'cash rating'; what the safe is insured to protect, of the safe.  Then you will consider other factors like, whether your home is brick or timber, this influences whether you will need a fire rating safe for your home.  Please note here; there is only fire resistant, not fire proof safes, most safes are between 30mins to 1 hour at extreme heat, any safe under extended times will not survive.

Coming back to how to choose the right home safe to buy, another consideration is the size you can purchase based on the place and space within your home that you wish to put the safe.  Then comes the final consideration, will you install and secure the safe; under a certain weight; 150kgs, the safe must be secured to the floor or wall, if the safe is physically stolen then it will not be considered an adequate enough deterrant by some insurance policies (loophole).  A phone call to your insurer will put to bed any of these doubts, although these policies are prone to change over time, it is good to aim for the highest security measures from your particular insurer.  We sell floor safes, jeweller grade and collectables safes, grinder proof safes, large, medium and small safes.  We can advise you on the best safe for any situation whether it be for your home or business, we also offer installation tips if you wish to install it yourself or we can install it for you to give you extra peace of mind.

Once you are armed with this knowledge, then we at Toowoomba Locksmiths can recommend the right safe for your home.

If you have valuables and collectables to secure then we recommend the BFG range from Guardall safes as they have just released drawer inserts that are such a great extension of this already superior safe.  Most of the range has a cash rating of $25, 000.  Or for a budget range of safes we have the Chubb safe range which has something for every price rang.

Home CCTV Solutions That You Can Check In On Remotely.

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Home CCTV systems are being pushed more and more by insurance companies in a bid to lower the chance of you making a claim and they reward you for your installation of a home CCTV system, that you can check in on remotely or has a recording facility, by lowering your annual premiums.  Although in saying this, the increase in conviction in crimes has increased in Australia with the Federal and State Police attributing this outcome to the use of home CCTV footage.  This makes a lot of sense, as criminals are quick to identify government and business sercurity systems and adjust their crimes around that, but to be adept with each homes security systems in the area would be near impossible.

So with this demand there has been an influx of systems that are DIY's from JB HiFi and JayCar and Ebay, but most times there is a little twist to installing it, this ends up being installed by a locksmith or not properly at all.  We get it though, if you are savvy enough to set up the camera system, position the camera and get everything going smoothly on your own these systems are great, the only concern after that would be replacement parts and upgrading of technology.  This leads to a long term issue with these systems is that it is tricky for locksmiths to be able to adequately service a store bought alarm/CCTV system and replace parts that will support it, so sometimes (when the main port of the system is compromised) the system may need to be replaced.  With our experience in the security industry we have seen a lot of these DIY camera systems come and go. A product that we have been excited to use is the ABUS CCTV security systems.

abus logo sml

We install and service the ABUS 7"/3"  MONITOR & 1xIR DIGITAL WIRELESS CAMERA 2.4GHz; it has a high pixelation in that cameras, can record to an SD card and can be used through an app on your phone or ipad.  This system supports a 4 camera usage system that will allow adequate external and internal visibility of your property whilst you are home or away.  This system is ideal for private homes, restaurants, offices, and small businesses.   This system allows remote access wtih the image and sound being transmitted between the camera and monitor on a secure basis. This excludes the possibility of third parties viewing the images or listening in.

We can install any part of the ABUS security range, for further options for what you may need for your home we have included a link to the main supplier site.

Then contact us to inquire about what would be the best solution for your home or small business.abus 7


  • Complete set consisting of an IR wireless outdoor camera, monitor, and docking station.
  • Video transmitted using encrypted digital radio.
  • Compact IP66 outdoor camera with infrared night vision function and 640 x 480 pixel resolution.
  • 7" colour touch-screen monitor (operates on rechargeable batteries).
  • Easy to operate.
  • Mobile access via iPhone, iPad app.
  • Remote access via LAN using the docking station (battery for monitor charged at the same time).
  • Can be extended to include up to four wireless cameras (TVAC16010).
ABUS 7" monitor system; TVAC16000 User Manual

Gun Safes Toowoomba

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There are many reasons to be aware of the requirements for good gun storage; ignorance does not stop you from being fined up to $12 000, personal and family safety and in the case of a break in; to keep it out of the hands of criminals.  Most of the guns on the black market today in Australia have been obtained from breakins, Australian Federal Police states that 90% of guns stolen from the home are used in criminal activity.  Of late there has been a spike in South East Queensland of break ins and in some areas this increase ranges from a 30-50% increase.

We have had experience with people under securing their weapons due to a slight misunderstanding of what is required for different grade weapons, the Firearms Storage Brochure fixed below goes through the compliances required.  We have had people come in and purchase Gun Safes only after their weapons were confiscated due to poor storage, this is not the way we want to sell a safe.

There are three brands of gun safes that we feel confident recommending, the Guardall Gun Safes range, Burg Watcher burg_ranger_gun_safes_web and Lokaway gun safes.  The first video below gives you a close up look at the Lokaway range of rifle and hand gun safes.  They have a lock and swing technology in their safes that even if your house does experience a break in, the chance of them getting to your guns are very slim.  They have a felt lining through the safe and a separate ammunition storage inside (legislation compliant).

When these safes are fixed to the wall or secured to the floor this offers the optimal security for your weapons.  Some insurance companies will not payout for a gun safe that has been physically removed from your home.  Gun safes Toowoomba is what we are building a name for as we offer a diverse range of quality safes for your peace of mind.

Contact Nathan for some personal advice on your safe needs.



the QLD Weapons Licensing Page.

This video by Burg Wachter is informative in giving you a clear understanding into what is required when buying a safe, for any reason.  (FYI it is in German)

Key Hiders and Key Safes

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The simplicity of Key hiders and Key safes allow you to have a place to store the spare key for staff, family or the kids with peace of mind that no one will be able to find and use the key if they happen upon it.  These key safes are not based on technology but simple robust back ups for when you need a place to store the spare keys.

It can have a 2, 4 or 6 digit passcode and is easy to set and change.  It takes a drill and screwdriver to fix it to the wall anywhere outside the house and it even if it is knocked off the wall it is made of robust materials to make it a delayed entry to access the keys. The key to keeping your house secure is to make it as unappealing as possible for want to be criminals to try and break into your home.  This is the best measure for home security, deterrence, rather than solely a good insurance policy. Making it challenging and disruptive for criminals immediately makes your home less appealing for opportunistic break ins.

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