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Gun Safes Toowoomba

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There are many reasons to be aware of the requirements for good gun storage; ignorance does not stop you from being fined up to $12 000, personal and family safety and in the case of a break in; to keep it out of the hands of criminals.  Most of the guns on the black market today in Australia have been obtained from breakins, Australian Federal Police states that 90% of guns stolen from the home are used in criminal activity.  Of late there has been a spike in South East Queensland of break ins and in some areas this increase ranges from a 30-50% increase.

We have had experience with people under securing their weapons due to a slight misunderstanding of what is required for different grade weapons, the Firearms Storage Brochure fixed below goes through the compliances required.  We have had people come in and purchase Gun Safes only after their weapons were confiscated due to poor storage, this is not the way we want to sell a safe.

There are three brands of gun safes that we feel confident recommending, the Guardall Gun Safes range, Burg Watcher burg_ranger_gun_safes_web and Lokaway gun safes.  The first video below gives you a close up look at the Lokaway range of rifle and hand gun safes.  They have a lock and swing technology in their safes that even if your house does experience a break in, the chance of them getting to your guns are very slim.  They have a felt lining through the safe and a separate ammunition storage inside (legislation compliant).

When these safes are fixed to the wall or secured to the floor this offers the optimal security for your weapons.  Some insurance companies will not payout for a gun safe that has been physically removed from your home.  Gun safes Toowoomba is what we are building a name for as we offer a diverse range of quality safes for your peace of mind.

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the QLD Weapons Licensing Page.

This video by Burg Wachter is informative in giving you a clear understanding into what is required when buying a safe, for any reason.  (FYI it is in German)

Key Hiders and Key Safes

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The simplicity of Key hiders and Key safes allow you to have a place to store the spare key for staff, family or the kids with peace of mind that no one will be able to find and use the key if they happen upon it.  These key safes are not based on technology but simple robust back ups for when you need a place to store the spare keys.

It can have a 2, 4 or 6 digit passcode and is easy to set and change.  It takes a drill and screwdriver to fix it to the wall anywhere outside the house and it even if it is knocked off the wall it is made of robust materials to make it a delayed entry to access the keys. The key to keeping your house secure is to make it as unappealing as possible for want to be criminals to try and break into your home.  This is the best measure for home security, deterrence, rather than solely a good insurance policy. Making it challenging and disruptive for criminals immediately makes your home less appealing for opportunistic break ins.

Smart Investors, Buy a Good Safe

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With the announcement of a deposit tax by the Abbott government in recent weeks this will see an influx in demand of home safes.  Not because we are all going to keep our money in the safe but because the time to look beyond the bank for investment purposes has just become more prevalent.  It will not only be inspired from this tax but in protecting our investments in the future as savvy investors will be keeping their eye on the horizon for any other changes to taxes and super contributions.  To be on top of this, smart investors will not only be looking at what to invest in but in determining what factors meet the criteria for keeping those investments safe, hence we are advising you in this post on how to buy a good safe.

The opportunity to look beyond cash, to invest in good stock items that will accrue value without you having to watch the stock market are a good way to diversify your investments and with that you need to look at a good sturdy safe.  Now, any safe that can be picked up and taken with the would be criminals offers you not much extra security either.  What is recommended when you choose a safe that fits your items, cash rating requirements and fit for your home, is to make sure it is fitted by one of our licensed technicians who will fix it to the wall or floor to ensure optimal security.  We do sell angle grinder proof safes, Guardall BFG range, that have been tried and tested to deter any semi or professional criminals, you will be confident that you have given your home security the best options.

We also advise that you look at home insurance policies and excesses and premiums, as this is also a good idea to look at the idea of also installing a CCTV or alarm system in your home.  There are some great DIY alarm installations on the market like the Yale DIY Alarm system, ask us about this system for your home.  When a safe is installed with a supported security system, CCTV or Alarms or both, then your insurance premiums will reduce, please check with your insurance company to compare the price points.

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Read the article here about Abbott's Deposit Tax; don't forget to go through the comments as this will clarify the impact that this tax will have on Australians.

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