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Lock bumping; The Facts.

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Lock bumping is becoming a real security risk and is a quick way for criminals to break-in or enter your home undetected. Lock bumping is a risk to security and can be hard to detect until the owner re-enters their home because it shows no signs of forced entry!

To be sure your home is secure; Toowoomba Locksmiths have a range of bump resistant security options. Digital key locks, electronic locks or keyless entry are becoming a more secure way to protect your household. In addition, surveillance cameras can provide further security and comfort in knowing who has attempted access to your home and at what time.

Due to the design of digital key locks, electronic locks and keyless entry, they are unable to be unlocked using a bump key, giving you piece of mind that your home is secure.

Here at Toowoomba Locksmiths we love to help and protect our community. As a local locksmith in Toowoomba we are passionate about local security. We are happy to organise security assessments, provide advice and supply quotes regarding our bump proof security options.

Unsure about the risk of lock bumping? Please watch the attached video!

We are passionate about your security. Here at Toowoomba Locksmiths, your security is our business. We are looking forward to arranging a quote for our more secure digital locking systems. Please call Nathan, Mitch or Nick on 07 4632 6060 to find out about products that will best suit your needs and your budget!

Kevo Smart Door Locks

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Kevo Smart Door Locks

Due to the increased ability of criminals; including the ability to lock bump, smarter ways to lock your homes are emerging…

Kevo Smart Door Locks technology offers superior security and turns your smartphone into your key! Don’t have a smartphone? No worries, Kevo smart door locks come with included key fob that works just like keyless entry on modern cars. Talk about security entering the future! Kevo Smart Door Locks also eliminates the need for key cutting and supplying numerous copies of your key to tradesman, family and friends which can jeopardise the security of your home. You can send electronic keys (eKeys) via your smart phone! This feature also incorporates key user tracking and gives you the ability to enable, disable or delete key users at your own discretion! Kevo is engineered for both maximum security and maximum performance!

If enhancing your security and bringing your home security technology into the future is important to you, call us at Toowoomba Locksmiths on 07 4632 6060 . We are passionate about securing your home and family. Here at Toowoomba Locksmiths, your security is our business. kevosmartdoorlock

Install Kevo Smart Locks into your home is easy with our professional team of technicians and it is one of the best products on the market for home security for the front and back door.kevosmartdoorlock2



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Here at Toowoomba Locksmiths, your security is our business! We want to make sure our customers are aware of the best security options for their home!

  • Is your family protected?
  • Is your home secure?
  • Do you know who has access to your personal life?

When moving into a new residence it is impossible to know who has been supplied with copies of the keys to your new home! This can be a security concern and here at Toowoomba Locksmiths we provide home security reviews and recommendations to ensure our customers have access to the best available security lock options for their home! Not only do we provide a range of traditional locking and digital locking systems, we also provide surveillance camera systems to ensure you know who is attempting access into your personal life! We have a range of novelty keys that can be provided for existing locks or supplied in addition to standard keys on new locks. They also make the PERFECT GIFT.

It is always recommended to change all locks on your home when moving into a new residence to ensure security! Make sure you are in control of who accesses your personal life! Call your local locksmith today on 07 4632 6060 and organise your home security review.


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