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Good Quality Gun Safes

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There are a lot of safes out there, Bunnings sell them, Masters sell them, gun shops sell them, but there are safes and there are safes.  Some may offer a great comfort to you just because you have one, but is it secure, does it have a secondary locking system if they manage to damage and open the lock?  How much time will it take for someone to break into your safe?  This last question is the key, no safe can guarantee 100% security, with time and the right tools every safe is crackable.  But a good safe is what buys you the maximum amount of time.

Does it have secondary locking bolts that will not release when it detects the first locking system; the combination lock or key lock has been tampered with?

How thick is the door and sides, does it have cement component in the lining of the sides; this makes grinders useless on them or does it offer a 10mm of higher thickness = more time to cut through?

Is your safe positioned in a space where a crowbar can not be used to leverage the door open?

Is there no swinging room for a sledgehammer?  Yes they do, if you are asking whether they would.

There are two types of criminals, the opportunist who does little to no research on your property before attempting a breakin and the professional.  If you are targeted by an opportunist and you have a Masters or Bunnings safe for your rifles, guns or ammunition, then you may have a 50/50 chance of keeping your possessions, if they don't find your safe, if they are disturbed or they are the really stupid kind of opportunist criminals.  But....  if you get an opportunist who can scratch two sticks together, forget it, they are gone, in most cases these safes can be broken into in under 5 mins - 10 at a push.  There are many videos of kids cracking cheap safes.

Now among the best of the good quality gun safes, we recommend two brands; Lokaway and Guardall gun safe ranges.

Lokaway have a double locking system: this is in the form of a swing and lock system that has been patented to be in only this brand of safe, their safes cater for all category rifles/guns, offer safes above and under 150kg.  Safes under 150kg needs to be bolted down, over 150kg does not, based on the category of rifles/guns you are storing, the higher grades need securing no matter the weight of the safe.

lokaway gun safes 2

They do sell smaller rifle safes for 3-6 pieces up to 30+ firearms, all their safes are carpet lined.

It comes with keys that will over ride the key pad.  They all come with bolts to secure them to the floor in your house or garage.

Please take the time to view this independent review of one of the Lokaway safe range.


Lokaway 5-7 gun safe retails at $530

LOK3K closed

10-16 rifle safe; $680-$720

lokaway gun safes

the 20-30 rifle case sells for $2300 - $2400

The Lokaway range starts at $460 up to $2240 for the largest.  Like anything you get what you pay for and seeing as though for most people when they buy a gun safe or any safe, it is a once in 10-15 year event so make it count.

Guardall Safe range all come with internal carpet to protect your firearms and has a separate ammunition storage compartment in all of the gun safe range.  They also sell a small range of ammunition/hand gun safes.


This is the Guardall G2 and it can store up to 7 rifles; approx $300.


the G3 sells for approximately $410

and G3E for around $500


The ammunition safes range; variation in sizes to this model, sell from $190 up to $320


Guardall G4E $1780 it holds 8-16 rifles and weighs 224kgs.

Please talk to us, Nathan is the man to ask for, about the gun safe range.

Gun Safes Toowoomba

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There are many reasons to be aware of the requirements for good gun storage; ignorance does not stop you from being fined up to $12 000, personal and family safety and in the case of a break in; to keep it out of the hands of criminals.  Most of the guns on the black market today in Australia have been obtained from breakins, Australian Federal Police states that 90% of guns stolen from the home are used in criminal activity.  Of late there has been a spike in South East Queensland of break ins and in some areas this increase ranges from a 30-50% increase.

We have had experience with people under securing their weapons due to a slight misunderstanding of what is required for different grade weapons, the Firearms Storage Brochure fixed below goes through the compliances required.  We have had people come in and purchase Gun Safes only after their weapons were confiscated due to poor storage, this is not the way we want to sell a safe.

There are three brands of gun safes that we feel confident recommending, the Guardall Gun Safes range, Burg Watcher burg_ranger_gun_safes_web and Lokaway gun safes.  The first video below gives you a close up look at the Lokaway range of rifle and hand gun safes.  They have a lock and swing technology in their safes that even if your house does experience a break in, the chance of them getting to your guns are very slim.  They have a felt lining through the safe and a separate ammunition storage inside (legislation compliant).

When these safes are fixed to the wall or secured to the floor this offers the optimal security for your weapons.  Some insurance companies will not payout for a gun safe that has been physically removed from your home.  Gun safes Toowoomba is what we are building a name for as we offer a diverse range of quality safes for your peace of mind.

Contact Nathan for some personal advice on your safe needs.



the QLD Weapons Licensing Page.

This video by Burg Wachter is informative in giving you a clear understanding into what is required when buying a safe, for any reason.  (FYI it is in German)

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